A collection that spans generations

At J. E. Cauthen & Sons, we’ve spent generations collecting the many artistic disciplines that celebrate the tradition of fine sportsmanship and the western arts. From world-class guns and knives, to renowned bits and spurs from Texas finest craftsmen, we have combined a whole array of western and sporting arts in a unique gathering that’s most appreciated by collectors and outdoorsmen alike.

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Shared passion

We go to great distances, quite literally, to hand-select firearms from the world’s top manufacturers. Brands like Beretta, Connecticut Shotgun, Holland & Holland, Perazzi, Piotti and more, are on display in the gunroom. The level of talent and dedication is immediately evident in this one-of-a-kind collection. At J. E. Cauthen & Sons, our greatest success comes in finding the ideal match for our broad range of discerning clients.

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Firearms were just the inspiration

From original works of art — including bits and spurs from Texas finest craftsmen — to limited edition wood engravings, furniture and accessories, many of the pieces in our collection embody the true spirit of Texas. Additionally, fine collectibles from around the world are gathered in our showroom for your appreciation.

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Our doors are open

As sportsmen ourselves, we appreciate all that goes into these works of fine art. So whether you’re in town to tour the gunroom, or just calling for a potential sale or trade, we love talking about our passion. So don’t hesitate to call or stop by.

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PS MoonRiseNearTahoka

Moonrise Near Tahoka – Don L Parks

Don utilizes allegory here, to its fullest. So many wonderful times were had in that little house, and the sun has long since set, over countless, precious memories. The love that lives in a home has little to do with square footage, and all to do with the hearts that sojourn there. Quiet now, the moon watches over this place, for souls long since gone Home.

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PS PanhandleMoonrise

Panhandle Moonrise – Don L Parks

Sunsets are perhaps the most romanced subject of the West. Well, moonrise is not to be neglected! Thanks to Don Parks, we don't have to choose!

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Katie V2

Katie – Robyn Cook – Sold

This is simply the dream of every horseman......a willing, and waiting partner. Katie looks well broke, and well able. Just right.

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